Every child, no matter the circumstance, deserves to have a Birthday Party.  This group offers a Birthday Party, Birthday-In-A-Box or Birthday-in-a-Class.

While volunteering at a homeless shelter, the founder of It’s Your Birthday, Inc. (Rolanda Finch) noticed several children running around. She asked the Executive Director, ‘How do they celebrate their birthday?’ He explained because of lack of resources and funding, nothing is done. Because Rolanda loves to celebrate her personal birthday and remembers how special they were when she was a child (with her own funds), she decided to start celebrating the children’s birthdays. They were excited each time ‘The Birthday Lady’ arrived to give them joy on their special day. Unfortunately, after a few months, the shelter closed. Rolanda wanted to continue to bring joy in the lives of children in homeless shelters and as a former victim, she included domestic violence shelters, also. In 2014, It’s Your Birthday, Inc. was born!

It’s Your Birthday, Inc. is a non-profit with a mission to create fun and memorable birthday experiences for children that reside in domestic violence and homeless shelters. Currently providing services in St. Louis City and County in MO and the Metro East in IL. To do this, we accept donations from our community of caring individuals and corporations who wish to help make a positive impact in the lives of these children. If you’d like to learn more here  are ways to support this group It’s Your Birthday, Inc