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Farmers Markets in the Area

Fresh fruit, and veggies. Colorful flowers, lively activities, local artisans. So many wonderful items to be found at local markets all around the metro.  We’ve got a list started. Do you have a favorite you’d like to add let us know ? List of Farmers Markets

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First Day of Spring — Go Explore

March 20th is the first day of spring.  Will you be wearing shorts and flip-flops, your boots and a scarf? Who knows you live in St. Louis we know it will change soon. One thing we do know, its time to get out and about.  Take a walk, a hike, go biking, just move.  A […]

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It’s Your Birthday — Local Charity

In 2019 we at the Town Planner, plan on introducing and sharing with you local charities making a difference in our community.  Our first focus is It’s Your Birthday, Inc. Every child, no matter the circumstance, deserves to have a Birthday Party.  This group offers a Birthday Party, Birthday-In-A-Box or Birthday-in-a-Class. While volunteering at a homeless […]

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Sledding in St. Louis Area

Snow days.  The iconic place to sled in the area is Art Hill.  And if you have never experienced it, I highly recommend it at least once in your life as a St. Louisan. There are of course other parks and hills to sled down, our friends at the St. Louis County Park department has […]

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