It’s easy to get lost in ALL THE NOISE

Thinking outside the box can change that and help you BE TOP-OF-MIND WITH CONSUMERS


The Problem…

The above image represents two BIG problems:

  1. How your business looks to a consumer in a very competitive market place.
  2. How you stand out in almost every marketing solution available.

Something we can all relate to

Today’s world is a world full of lost things. Our smartphones bombard us with hundreds of ads and articles and videos that we skim past. Our inboxes are full of emails that go unread or quickly get deleted. Our trash is littered with discarded mail. We reject phone calls on a daily basis, and Social media has become more crowded than New York’s Time Square. As a matter of fact, one industry doing well these days is the one that helps us filter all this content out.

At the end of the day, only a select few things attract our attention and our time. In any given industry, in any given market, there can be hundreds and thousands of choices for a specific solution. Only a few will attract attention as determined by the circumstances.


…Our Solution – We Get Through The Clutter!

Make Your Business a Household Name

Being in the right spot, at the right time, is what makes Town Planner so effective at building your brand. When the customer is ready to buy, Town Planner puts you in the right place to get the order

In order to benefit our advertising sponsors, we first must focus on the consumer and offer them something of personal value, to keep and hold on to.

The Town Planner is your local community calendar and resource guide. It is MAILED AS A FREE GIFT from our local sponsors each December.

No ordinary calendar! Each calendar offers our users:

  • Great Offers From Local Businesses
  • Local & Regional Event Information
  • Community Resource Phone Numbers
  • Local & Regional Attraction Info
  • A Weekly e-Mail News Letter, and Online Calendar
  • Large Date Blocks for Their Own Life Events

… and your customers love it!

So how do our business advertising sponsors benefit from this?

Each year we ask our users how they’re using their calendars, and what they would like to see in the next edition. Most importantly, we ask what type of businesses they’re most likely to patronize.

Our Sponsors get:

  • 24/7 Visibility and Exposure to our Users
  • 365 Day Shelf Life
  • High Retention – 9 of 10 Homes Keep and Use Their Calendar*
  • Placement in the Highest Trafficked Area in the Home
  • The Most Consistent Exposure of any Marketing
  • Lowest Cost Per Home Mailed
  • Lowest Cost Per Impression
  • Category Exclusivity for Most Business Categories
  • Less Discarded Marketing Dollars

Backed by 30 years of results.

* results from a 2016 Ver-A-Fast Corp Survey. We’re happy to share our results with you.


Direct Mail Print Marketing That Works For Your Business 24/7, 365 Days a Year!

Reach up to 350,000 homes in St. Louis, St. Charles, & Southern Illinois, with a direct mail print marketing solution that is kept and used by 9 of 10 homes each year!

Get in on the action! Join Town Planner and connect with your community!
Contact us today – 636.489.1699

Community Calendar
A twelve-month calendar mailed FREE to residents, listing events, coupons, and local services.

Online brings your message online where visitors can access local event information, local services, coupon offers.

Weekly Newsletter
An email newsletter is sent to subscribers, listing events, business sponsors and links to coupons.


Brands Thinking Outside the Box

(See What Our Sponsors Have to Say)

Make Your Business a Household Name

Being in the right spot, at the right time, is what makes Town Planner so effective at building your brand. When the customer is ready to buy, Town Planner puts you in the right place to get the order.

Get in on the action!

Join Town Planner and connect with your community!

Contact us today – 636.489.1699




What Residents are Saying

I love this calendar! Love the coupons, dates of what’s happening and it looks great too.

Lu Anne
…Love everything about it. The events, the coupons, all is great. It’s hanging on my frig.

…the Town Planner is a great service to our local communities. I know people love having local events already on their calendars…

We absolutely love the coupons. Plus, it reminds me of places I like, but might have forgotten about.


Sponsor Testimonials

Tide Dry Cleaners

“WOW! The response from the calendar thus far, has been GREAT!! I see more of that flyer walking in the store than anything else, these days. Thanks so much for the opportunity, the flexible payment schedule and just being a great business partner for us.”

Terry Pickens
Director/Owner Operator
Tide Dry Cleaners

LookAfter Hair Company

“Our new client redemptions exceed 25% from year to year and coupon redemptions are steady throughout.”

Christine Hart
Director of Sales & Marketing
LookAfter Hair Company

Explore St. Louis

“After 20 years of helping St. Louisans plan their schedules to make the most of their time, the Town Planner has become a St. Louis institution! Residents have come to rely on the Town Planner as a trusted source for events throughout the region, business opportunities and special offers.”

Brian Hall
Chief Marketing Officer
Explore Saint Louis

Drury Hotels

“Thank you once again for giving Drury Hotels the opportunity to participate in the Town Planner… The revenue we are able to track directly from the Town Planner coupon is evidence it brings more visitors to the St. Louis market and thus all our Drury Hotels.”

Linda Eise
Manager of National Accounts & Leisure Marketing
Drury Hotels

Maryville University

“In my first year at Maryville University in St. Louis, my plan included the Town Planner, for which I am very thankful. Not only has the visibility of Maryville University increased, but your marketing tool has generated a significant number of valuable leads. Some of these leads are now students in our graduate school and adult program.

… I am convinced Maryville University will continue to benefit as we continue to deliver our message through… the Town Planner.”

Mark D. Weinstein
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Maryville University

Click Heating & Cooling

“Click Heating & Cooling has been in business for thirty-three years, advertising in various publications over the years.

I have been placing a coupon in the Town Planner for over 10 years and have had tremendous results. It is the best advertising tool we have used in quite some time; because of the coupon we have numerous new customers and repeat customers.”

Lora B. Click
Click Heating & Cooling


Ad Placement/Pricing

We Have Pricing Programs for Every Budget and Need

Our cost effective advertising programs are geared to meet your budget, whether it be seasonal needs, date specific messages, area wide or local exposure.

Our Clients range from the corporate world to the corner market, and everything in between.

Let us look at your promotional needs and tailor a plan specifically for you.


Distribution Mapping

We Have the Distribution You Need to Reach Your Target Customers

Each green boundary represents a single edition with a distribution of 10,000 (or more) homes.

Most zones allow target areas of within a 3 to 5 mile distribution from the businesses located within the zone.

All pricing is based upon number of zones of distribution (and ad placement/frequency).

Allow us to help you find the right distribution for your needs and budget.

(Roll Over Key Plan to See Enlarged Plan)


Who We Are

Who We Are Photo

Brenda and Jeff Henty St. Louis Town Planner

Get to know us!

St. Louis Town Planner is family-owned and published by Brenda and Jeff Henty. We’ve been serving up fun, services and savings to the St. Louis region for more than 25 years. Our mission is simple – we’re committed to helping the local business community thrive by connecting customers with businesses, and advertisers with opportunities.

We are part of a nationwide network of local community resource calendars, offering you savings, services, and the best coupons in the business.

When you get listed in YOUR Town Planner, you’ll reach the audiences you need, in print and online.

Comments? Questions? Reach out to us!

St. Louis Town Planner

Published Locally by:
Brenda & Jeff Henty
bhMarketing, LLC
(636) 489-1699

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